MorMor’s “Heaven’s Only Wishful” Is Soulful Rock For The City Breeds

Capturing the vibrant and nocturnal city vibes.

Photo: MorMor- Heaven’s Only Wishful YouTube

Toronto-based artist MorMor pays homage to his city in his debut single “Heaven’s Only Wishful” where he intricately coats edgy riffs of rock with breathy layers of R&B. The vibrant rhythmic pulse of the song resonates the energy of the city while MorMor’s delicate voice explores the complex ways we tune in and out of that energy. The video does not show any major landscapes of Toronto and it’s in noir – a decision from MorMor’s part who has expressed his interest in giving his audience the freedom to interpret the song as they want:

Seth Nyquist is the man behind MorMor who produces and records all his work on his own. While he hasn’t announced any release dates yet, he’s currently working on releasing new songs.