Joe Hicks Addresses The Daily Battle With Depression In New Soothing Folk Single “Rest Your Head”

Therapeutic folk.

Artwork photo: Jack Margerison

There’s no instant way to snap out of depression – it’s an internal battle that requires a lot of emotional and mental work over time. UK artist Joe Hicks provides exactly what everyone who struggles with depression needs in his new folk single “Rest Your Head.” Positioning himself from an empathetic view, Joe lays out his comforting vocals over the warm production that provides a melodic haven to his listeners. “You’ve got to see you can fight this, / Just take a breath and ignite it” he chants. It’s uplifting, but also persistent reassurance that depression can be tamed with time:

“‘Rest Your Head’ was written last summer when someone very close to me was dealing with bouts of depression. I had not really come into close contact with it and all its demons before and it was happening to the last person I would have expected it to. That taught me a lot, not least in knowing that it doesn’t really go away you just learn to win the daily battles. RYH is basically my song of support and love towards that person and anyone else going through it. No one should suffer in silence and the best thing they did was to open up to me and others and begin to lighten the load.” shared Joe.

The track is the latest single from Joe who has several show dates coming up in UK:

2/21 – St. Pancras Old Church (London, UK)

3/9 – Sofar Sounds (Bath, UK)

3/28 – Sofar Sounds (Southampton, UK)

4/6 – The Cellar Bar (Devizes, UK)

4/25 – The Purple Turtle (Reading, UK)

5/18 – The Art House (Southampton, UK)