Kevin George’s “My Crew” Is Your Party Squad’s Anthem

Song to party & conquer the city.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

Whether you like to party in daylight or midnight, Kevin George’s new R&B single “My Crew” hits the sweet spot at all times. This is the type of jam that you’ll be blasting with your cronies at a private club or parking lot where Kevin’s vocals will take you gliding over the intricate soundscape. Stream below:

“With ‘My Crew’, I wanted to create the soundtrack to the party for me & the kids from my city. Anything goes at a party in CT” shared Kevin.

The track is the follow up of Kevin’s widely acclaimed single “High Like This,” which was released mid-January. “My Crew” is from the bedroom producer’s upcoming project LOVELAND, which he hasn’t unveiled any release dates yet.


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