Alex Vargas’ Acoustic Version Of “Slowly” Is For The Emotionally Persecuted Souls Out There

Acoustic painkiller for heartaches.

Photo: Courtesy of Copenhagen Records

Danish electro noise-soul artist, Alex Vargas, shares a pristine decadent performance for his song “Slowly” where he abandons synthesizers and goes acoustic. With his whirring and glowing voice, Alex illustrates the feeling of emotional suffocation that we experience during the aftermath of a breakup. Shifting gears from grieving to acceptance “Slowly” delivers visceral punchlines (“But I’m slowly learning how to let my heart break”) that throbs within your ears like a bruised heart. Hit play:

No, Alex Vargas is not taking revenge on anyone – the song is actually based on a heartbreak story from one of his young fans. Alex wrote the song a few weeks ago while he was live on Danish national radio P3. The story had a profound effect on Alex who ended up writing “Slowly” within a few hours.

Alex Vargas will be headlining Roskilde Festival this year (June 30th to July 7th) and is planning to release new music soon.