THANKS Flexes Our Imagination To 360° In New Video “Mind Expansion”

Yoga for your brain.

Photo: Courtesy of Copenhagen Records

Danish electro duo THANKS massages and stretches the right hemisphere of our brain (the part responsible for imagination) with their new video “Mind Expansion.” The duo, dressed in white with some scattered paint on, starts bending reality and all of its concreteness as we watch them swirl in slow motion. Showcasing an epic melodic structure, “Mind Expansion” is a hyperactive electropop that effortlessly jumps from art techno to funk dance palette. If you’ve been suffering some creativity atrophy, the immersive spectrum of synthesizers and undulating visuals of “Mind Expansion” is just what you need to break the rigidness:

“On this song we have no features or co-writers. ‘Mind Expansion’ is us, in the studio, with all the energy that is around, above and beyond us. We reached out and gained access to new parts of the THANKS consciousness.” shared the duo.

The track is from THANKS’ upcoming album with the same title, which will be out on March 16th. Comprised of Anders SG and Anders B, THANKS have been stretching their creativity in the electronic scene with their previous works such as “I Can Get It” and “Your Man.” If you like to groove beyond your imagination, then keep THANKS close to your ears.