Buzzy Lee Call Out Social Media’s Likes Epidemic In Debut Indietronic Pop Single “Coolhand”

Nicolas Jaar-produced

Photo: Brantley Gutierrez

LA-based artist, writer, and actress Buzzy Lee, aka Sasha Spielberg, addresses out modern day ‘likes epidemic’ that social media has endowed us in her debut single “Coolhand.” Produced by Nicolas Jaar, “Coolhand” is an indietronic pop piece that coalesces hazy ambience, and wavy buzz into an intricate texture. Stream below:

“I wanted to write a song about how our self-worth is so wrapped up in the ways we present ourselves on social media. There’s this constant hunger for validation, and it takes a toll – it’s all nonsense but we do it anyway. We learn which parts of us are the parts that people want the most, and we give it to them when we need to make ourselves feel whole. Anyway, I just posted a new pic on Instagram so please go like it ;-).” Shared Buzzy Lee.

“Coolhand” is from Buzzy Lee’s debut EP Facepaint, which was produced by Nicolas Jaar and will be out on April 27th via Future Classic.


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