Fabich & Jafunk’s “Back To Life” Ft. FHAT Will Revive Your Dancefloor Swag

It will also make you impulse buy.

Photo: Courtesy of Infectious PR

London-based producer Fabich team up with soul artist Jafunk to resuscitate your swag in their collab “Back to Life” ft. FHAT. It is the type of song that you’ll hear at a club, where the DJ wants to fill in the dancefloor and spark that holiday vibe again. Or what you’ll hear at a retail store like Zara, where they (whoever they are) are trying to push you to impulse-buy – and you probably will. Cus “Back to Life” just makes you feel good. This song is kinda dangerous:

“Back to Life” is from Fabich’s upcoming EP, Friend’s Story, which will be out this year.