Frøkedal’s “Believe” Is The Rock’N’Roll Version Of You Self-Pep Talk

“All my dreams are still alive / I’ve got my mind set right this time”

Photo: Julia Naglestad

There are certain things that we should never trust ourselves (i.e. building Ikea furniture following our ‘gut’), but when it comes to building confidence, trust is the key to it. Norwegian artist Frøkedal reminds us of the freedom and mental-empowerment that comes with having faith in yourself with her new single “Believe.” It’s a cross between classic rock’n’roll and folk, where Frøkedal voice mesmerizes you into a self-love state. Stream below:

“‘Believe’ is Tom Cruise driving at full speed along the winding roads of Western Norway, in an open convertible even though there is light rain in the air. The song is juggling confidence and charisma in its message about keeping faith through the vanishing echoes of fiddle-ridden rock ’n roll.” shared Frøkedal.

Having received critical acclaim from major press including The New Yorker, the Oslo-based artist is preparing to release her sophomore album this fall. The new album will be the follow up of her Norwegian Grammy-nominated debut LP, Hold On Dreamer, which was released back in 2016,