Let’s Mars Take Us Into The Celestial Haven Of Desert In “Dedicated”

Heaven on desert.

Photo: Courtesy of YAWA Media

Tel Aviv-based duo Let’s Mars places us into the cusp of earth and heaven in their new video “Dedicated” where we are taken into the isolated and majestic desert roads. The chest-swelling synths and mild moodiness create a euphoric melodic sensation that heightens your senses. Caught between the blissful ambience and heavy heart, “Dedicated” transmits an aerated dynamic that feels like it was designed to buoy you to a safe haven:

“We decided to record ‘Dedicated’ because we felt it carries a combination of melancholy and happiness that was ideally suited to our aesthetic. We chose to release it as our next single because it brings Oren back to his youth and we both agreed it was a good way to pay tribute to the Tel Aviv scene where we met and started our partnership” shared Let’s Mars.

Comprised of LA native Talia Londoner and Israeli multi-instrumentalist Oren Emanuel, Let’s Mars broke into the scene this year with their dark edgy single “History” back in January. “Dedicated” is from their upcoming debut album, Always 15 Minutes Late, which will be out this year.