Monumental Men’s “FAR” Is Shoegaze Trance For Electronic Lovers

“Is it enough?

Photo: Ian G.C.

Swiss trio Monumental Men transcends us to the shoegaze-y heights of electronic music with their new single “FAR.” Starting off in a quiet and meditative fashion, “FAR” gradually absorbs you into a blackhole of hazy buzz and throbbing synths. But unlike taking the standard maximalist approach to craft a shoegaze effect, Monumental Men actually use a light melody where each beat serves as an intricate hook that draws you further into the timeless trance. Stream below:

“The main question asked in the song – is it enough? – is not a reference to yearning for the liberation of jumping into the river flowing directly next to the studio building, but rather to the obstructing forces of a perceived perfectionism when it comes to our creative process. Just when exactly are we happy enough to share our tunes with our friends? And is the seemingly endless tweaking and attention to detail worth the heartache? We will probably never know.” Shared the trio.

Monumental Men started out as a collaborative project between producers BIRU and Buss, who later on met the Swiss vocalist Patrick Bishop. Since then, the trio have performed in festivals such as Sonar, SXSW and Creamfields Australia. “FAR” is from the trio’s upcoming self-titled EP, which will be out this year.