GRDNS Bring Kaleidoscopic Moves To The Dancefloor With “Night Dance”

Rising neo-psychedelic trio

Photo: GRDNS Facebook. The dude on the left is eating Fruit Roll-Ups.

Hailing from Bradford, UK, GRDNS feels like an anachronistic band in today’s scene. Their sound exudes the kaleidoscopic 70s air that is also fused with modern psychedelic elements – it’s what you would imagine Tame Impala would sound like if they were from the 70s. Their debut single “Night Dance” is a surreal journey where the trio whirls you into a hypnotic abyss of incomprehensible euphoria. Stream below:

“Night Dance” is from GRDNS upcoming debut EP, which they haven’t announced any release dates yet. We don’t know much about the trio except that they look semi-trustable and will be playing some shows: