Olivia Nelson’s “Smother Me” Is A Soulful Outlook Of First-Time Infatuation

Meet London’s viral songstress.

Photo: Courtesy of Hear This

UK songstress Olivia Nelson broke five million streams and BBC radio with her previous song “Someone That You Love” and now she is ready to do it again with her new single “Smother Me.” The 21-year-old captures the pristine, one-time bliss we experience when we fall in love for the first time in her smooth, soulful single. Backed by gospel-led choruses, “Smother Me” is an emotionally inebriating track where Olivia’s glass-cutting vocals nail the naiveté and beauty of first love:

In regards to her new single, Oliva shared that it’s about “experiencing infatuation and falling in love for the first time. Feeling like the wind could carry you away in one sweep, like nothing else matters. Like you’re weightless and everything in the world is suddenly brighter. I wrote this from an honest place and I wanted the music to reflect the powerfulness of that feeling. Even though the feeling of love is light, it’s also heavy at the same time because your words and actions carry so much weight.”

“Smother Me” is from Olivia’s upcoming EP, which will be out early this summer. She has a show date coming up:

2/28 – Oslo Hackney (London, UK)