Cubs Refrain Wraps Us Into An Adolescent State Of Mind In “When It Started”

Synthpop for youthful boldness

Photo: Courtesy of Auteur Research

Toronto-based synthpop duo Cubs Refrain revisits the adolescent mind in new single “When It Started.” Crafted with bouncy beats and an arrhythmic arrangement that takes you unexpected directions, “When It Started” resonates the thought and emotional texture of a teen’s mind. It is chaotically bold, optimistic, and conveys a level of strange confidence that we often lose as we grow older. Stream below:

“‘When It Started’ is a plunge into an adolescent state of mind, so writing it definitely sent me back to my teenage years,” shared Cubs Refrain’s Erin Roblin. “When you’re young there’s a grand romanticism about running away and leaving everything behind, fuelled by blind courage and young lust. You find yourself faced with situations you didn’t anticipate and learning things that both terrify and excite you. You eventually realize that nobody really knows anything, and retrospectively, it’s kind of hilarious, ‘cause of course you always played it off like you knew it all.”

The other half of Cubs Refrain is Jordan Shew, who met Erin back in Queen’s University. At that time, the two of them were playing in different bands and didn’t officially start heir collaborative project until after graduation. “When It Started” is from their upcoming debut album, Tell Me You Love Me, which will be out later this year.