Diamante Bring Back Thelma And Louise Female Power In New Video “Had Enough”

Feisty femme anthem.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

LA-based rocker Diamante brings back the female freedom and empowerment that exists on the road from Thelma and Louise in her video “Had Enough.” We follow the gal with her friend enjoying the openness of the desert where they’re free from the gender bias and other bullshit from society. The track is a blood-rushing, at-your-face piece that unleashes both the frustrations and motivations that come with female power:

Originally recorded by Lower Than Atlantis, Diamante made her own twist to the song. “Something about its unapologetic honesty really captivated me. I think that level of honesty and bluntness of being able to tell the world: ‘Hey! I’m pissed off!’ is very powerful and something that music has been craving, especially in today’s climate” shared the songstress.

The track is from Diamante’s upcoming debut album, which will be out later this year.