RF Shannon Gives Us The Desert Blues Chills With “Cold Spell”

Western haziness meets bluesy psychedelia

Photo: Jess Williamson

Desert blues band RF Shannon takes us into the grey, hazy territory of Western sound infused with notes of psychedelia in his new single “Cold Spell.” Meditative and isolating, the track feels like it stands outside the space-and-time continuum where you’re taken into a melodic vastness that feels empty and dense at the same time. Rhythmically, “Cold Spell” is a rich track but the loneliness that permeates in its lyrics brings your awareness closer to an emotional vacancy. Stream below:

In regards to the song, frontman Shane Renfro explained that “the song is about feeling like a cold person for interjecting into someone else’s fate, but also feeling like, maybe I am part of this person’s fate and this is how it’s supposed to be.

“Cold Spell” is from the RF Shannon’s upcoming album Trickster Blues, which will be out on May 4th.