Synesthete Takes Us To Starry Heights Of Cosmic Pop Galaxy In “Eclipse” Ft. Christina Rotondo

Cosmic pop meets 80s synthwave

Photo: Courtesy of Synesthete

New York-based artist Synesthete takes the starry-eyed highs to a galactic synthpop space in his new single “Eclipse” ft. Christina Rotondo. The track is an explosive one where you can tell that he has approached it with an all-or-nothing mentality, the former being the winner. With chest-swelling ambience and expansive synths, “Eclipse” suspends you into a climactic melody throughout start to finish. Stream below:

“Eclipse” is the follow up of his debut EP, This Space Is Statically Assigned, which was released back in August 1, 2017. Aside from his debut EP, Synesthete has also made remixes for other artists. As of now, he is currently working on his full-length LP.