Allie Crow Buckley Takes Us “Captive” Into The Wistful Side Of Folk Pop Waters

Coastal-inspired siren vibes.

Photo: Kacie Tomita

Malibu-based artist Allie Crow Buckley takes us into the dreamy and wistful realm of folk pop with her new single “Captive.” Powered by minimalistic strings and quiet ambience, the track submerges you into a welcoming loneliness. Stream below:

In regards to the track, Buckley shared that the track was built around a metaphor. “When you’re in a bad relationship feeling trapped, it’s like being on a boat out to sea – and all of your loved ones are ashore waving for you to come back, and you’re yelling sayonara! Going through the motions trying to figure it out.”

Allie will be playing a residency at the Bootleg Theatre (Los Angeles) every Monday starting on March 5th. The shows are free and begin at 8:30pm, so make sure to go check her out live.