Manila Grey Helps Us Navigate The Social Labyrinth Of Acquaintances In “Friends Of Friends”

R&B/hip-hop to help you survive the ‘mutual friends’ maze

Photo: Manila Grey Facebook

“They just friends of friends / My phone filled with numbers with / No names next to them” chants Manila Grey in their new single “Friends Of Friends.” Utilizing a dark and smoky R&B backdrop, Manila Grey throws in punchy lines and raps about the hollow relationships that saturate our social circles thanks to modern technology. “Friends Of Friends” has a zesty pulse to it where the dark tones and futuristic elements create an expansive atmosphere that resonates the vastness and loneliness of living in a city. You know so many people that, oddly enough, makes you feel even more isolated:

Hailing from Vancouver, Manila Grey is comprised of singer/songsriter Soliven and rapper Neeko Francisco who are quickly becoming one of the fastest rising acts in their city’s hip-hop scene. For “Friends Of Friends,” the duo joined forces with producer azel north. As of now, Manila Grey is set to play at Breakout Festival:

6/9-10 – Breakout Festival @ PNE Amphitheater (Vancouver, BC, Canada)