O-SHiN’s “Aimless” Is The Soundtrack Of Your Pesonal Quest For Immortality

“Don’t let me go nameless / Don’t let me die aimless”

Photo: Propeller Communications

Media nowadays portray Millennials as valuing meaningful work more than other generations, but the truth is that desire exists within anyone. We all know it’s biologically impossible to reach immortality, BUT any historical imprint we can make gives us the satisfaction of being ‘larger than life.’ And that’s exactly what O-SHiN nails with her new ethereal synthpop track “Aimless.” Taking you to a fuzzy sonic palette where her sizzling vocals exude a dreamy and smoky aura, “Aimless” speaks to our innermost desire and fear of leaving a mark that hopefully lives forever:

In regards to the song, O-SHiN explained, “I found myself caught up in the thought of how many people have walked on this earth and are totally forgotten. Only a few famous names will be remembered but the majority are completely gone. And it’s most likely this will be us in a few generations. Still so many of us feel the urge to do something meaningful with our time on earth – ‘Don’t let me go nameless ‘ don’t let me die aimless.’”

Born to Russian immigrant parents in Germany, O-SHiN started out solo in Holland before moving to a lonely cabin in Sweden with several musician friends and producers to solely focus on music. Drawing influences from nature, they were able to craft songs, including O-SHiN’s widely acclaimed debut single “A Revelation.” O-SHiN will be revealing more songs in the upcoming months and tour dates, so stay tuned.