Akurei’s “Photophobia” Is An Electro-R&B Journey Into The Migraine World

“Are we the sum of our habits?”

Photo: Sean Pyke

Brisbane artist Akurei takes you into a multidimensional odyssey in his latest electro-R&B single “Photophobia.” The track is based on his experiences with migraine, which he has been living with since his teenage years. Co-produced by Golden Vessel, “Photophobia” is a slow-burning track where the crystal-cutting synths and haunting echoes isolate you into a dreamy trance. Akurei’s croons delineate the mental and visual effects of migraine, which feels like a slow blackout:

“‘Photophobia’ is about the whole experience that comes with it; the aching in your skull, the sensitivity to light, the nostalgia, and the insight you get about whatever it is that’s playing on your mind while you’re out for 6 hours” explained Akurei.

While working on the song, Akurei’s backpack got stolen by some fuckface. Fortunately, he found his hard drive in the streets the next morning (but not his laptop), so he was able to finish the song. “Photophobia” is from Akurei’s upcoming debut EP, which he hasn’t shared any release dates yet.