Becky And The Birds Gives Us Micro-Doses Of Different Intimacies In “Holding On”

Unwinding pop piece

Photo: Sandra Thorrson

Swedish singer/producer Becky and the Birds gives us small doses of intimacy between different people in Stockholm in her new video “Holding On.” Aesthetically speaking, the video has a 90s nostalgic touch to it that makes you feel like you’re watching a home video. The track is a downtempo breezy piece where the warm ambience and fizzling synths exude a cheery melancholia. Praised by Tove Lo (“This TUNE is giving me serious goosebumps”), the song and video is a glimpse into Becky and the Birds’ creative signature:

Thea Gustafsson is the 21-year-old behind Becky and the Birds who has already accumulated millions of streams in high profile collaborations. She currently writes, produces, and records all of her songs, which she will be sharing in the upcoming months.