Learn What Gritpop Is All About With 10 O’Clock Chemical’s “Babylon Is Fallen”

Techno meets pop

Photo: Courtesy of Mother City

The first seconds of 10 O’Clock Chemical’s “Babylon Is Fallen” feels like listening to a techno track before the smoky croons and rap choruses start pounding your eardrums. The self-described ‘gritpop’ crafters demolish the conventional architecture of pop by piercing razor-sharp synths and stomping beats. But in spite of this edginess, the rhythm leans towards a more dance-friendly groovy tone. Addressing the socio-political epidemic of fake news and oppression, “Babylon Is Fallen” calls out for change:

“‘Babylon Is Fallen’ is about the unveiling of illusion and the birth of skepticism, especially in the current climate we coined the term ‘fake news’. It’s a cry for liberty in the midst of our activities being increasingly surveyed, our speech policed and a call to revolt against the mundane order I believe has been put there by a much higher, darker source of power.” shared frontman Rhys.

Comprised of Rhys (vocals, keyboard), Danny (drums), Josh (bass), and Jack (guitar), 10 O’Clock Chemical formed in Stoke On Trent where they connected through their mutual fiend electronica and rock. Their songs have been already featured on BBC radio stations and received accolades from Staffordshire and Cheshire Music Awards. “Babylon Is Fallen” is out now via the group’s own label GRITPOP and is taken from their debut EP, which will be out in June. The quartet will be dropping the music video for the single in April-ish, so make sure to keep an eye on them.