LANZ’s New Video “Auckland” Is A Double Homage To The City & 1957’s ‘Silk Stockings’

Let Cyd Charisse navigate you through LANZland.

Photo: Courtesy of Grandstand Media

LANZ takes us into an electro-poetic territory of dream pop in “Auckland,” the first single off of his upcoming record Hoferlanz II, out on April 13. The song is homage to the city where LANZ was playing at a music festival with The National few years ago. Strangely enough, the video is also an ode, but not necessarily towards Auckland. It is dedicated to Cyd Charisse where we watch clips of her 1957 film Silk Stockings:

Director Andrew Ondrejcak shared, “I was watching Cyd Charisse getting undressed (in Silk Stockings, 1957) when Ben sent me his song. So I played them together. They seemed to shared a similar spirit – one of looseness and ease, of an effortless cool. But embedded within is a more disciplined approach, a studied craft. I felt like Cyd was my proxy, meandering though Ben’s music daydreams and, before I knew it, I was in love with Cyd Charisse and the whole video became an homage to her. In my mind, in my little room, it is Cyd singing as she shape-shifts though her exhausting costumes and on-stage schticks, transcending the phoniness and Hollywoodness.”

Benjamin Lanz is the mastermind behind LANZ who also happens to play in The National, Sufjan Stevens, and LNZNDRF. He’s planning to release more new materials from his album in the next upcoming months, so make sure to keep up with him on Spotify.