Oslo’s Spielbergs Analyzes Mortality In “We Are All Going To Die”

Rock & death.

Photo: Simen Skari

If you were to die in two seconds, then your last words would probably be something like this: “Fuck you world.” Oslo’s new rock trio Spielbergs captures all the erupting emotions that happen during that cathartic moment in their single “We Are All Going To Die.” It’s a sweet title and its beats are even sweeter. From the first second to last, this trio bombards you with smashing drums, slashing strings, and explosive choruses that lets you dissect your own mortality…also, give the middle finger to the world before ditching it for good:

“We Are All Going To Die” is from their upcoming debut EP Distant Star and it’s already been featured in various press around the world for its feisty sound. The EP will be out on April 27 worldwide via the British label, By The Time It Gets Dark.