Delve Into The Psychedelic Sea Of KYLYPSO’s “Deep Blue”

Psyche pop for full-time dreamers and part-time stoners

Photo: Courtesy of Two Up Management

East London trio KYLYPSO takes us into the blissful meditative side of psychedelic pop in their new single “Deep Blue” – but there’s a catch. Despite the buoyant, breezy synths there is a mild air of melancholia that haunts your sub-consciousness. It is that sneaky, unwelcoming feeling we experience when someone whom we idealized starts showing small red flags that imply they’re not the person we thought them to be. Yet the highness of the track resonates our desire to still cling onto the notion:

“We loved the idea of the colour deep blue to represent the ‘ideal’ you hold someone to at the beginning of a relationship. The song sits in a moment where reality is eroding this image, but it is a beautiful thing to fight for. We also wanted to bring in some ideas of living in the moment and diving into things fully, even with risk of being hurt. Musically, we took this idea to try to write parts of the instrumental to a ‘blue sky’ or ‘deep sea’ theme, almost approaching the song visually. We love the idea of approaching a song at these kind of angles.”

KYLYPSO has been making waves in London’s night scene with their distinctive, catchy sound. The trio hasn’t announced any record or tour dates yet.