CAPYAC’s “Afterhours” Ft. MOONZzz Is A Bouncy Piece Of Electronica

Lush, dance-y, and kinda dreamy

Photo: Courtesy of Liberty Music PR

Dance duo CAPYAC scratches our craving for unrequited love in their new single “Afterhours” ft. MOONZz. Built on droplets of synths and cavorting samples, “Afterhours” is an intricately complex production that yields simple catchy beats. Stream below:

Comprised of P. Sugz and Potion, CAPYAC formed back in 2014 and gained critical acclaim for their debut EP Movement Swllows Us back in 2015. The duo will be playing at SXSW this year, so make sure to see them live:

3/16 – Kingdom Nightclub – SXSW (Austin, TX, USA)

3/24 – Weber Studios (Los Angeles, CA, USA)