Meet DUETS AND STUFF: Masters Of Simple Therapeutic Beats

A sonic blend of minimal details and heavy hooks

Photo: DUETS AND STUFF Instagram (@duetsandstuff)

If you like Peter Bjorn and John, The xx, Daughter and the likes, then you will love Swedish duo DUETS AND STUFF. Using minimal details, these two are masters of crafting catchy tunes that immediately glue into your brain and induce a therapeutic effect. Their songs analyze human condition, from enduring inner breakdowns (“Hold On”) to working/pleasing other people (“Serve Somebody”). Play below:

Comprised of Greta and Raimond from Uppsala, Sweden, the duo describe their project as an “easygoing DIY-project,” which is impressive considering how their two singles sound like the byproduct of an army of producers. DUETS AND STUFF are keeping a low profile for now, but you can find them on Facebook & Instagram.