Gregory Ackerman’s New Single Goes Out To Everyone Who Is Mentally Constipated By Depressive News

A call for mindful news diet

Photo: Courtesy of V2 Records

Nowadays we’re all mentally constipated with depressive news that refuses to flush out of our lives. Even if you have no cable, every absurd/gloomy event finds its way to you via hashtags and unwanted notifications you didn’t sign up for (fuck you Apple). Gregory Ackerman captures that cultural pandemic disease in his new single “Ten Little Indians/And Then There Were None” where he shuffles through the incessant violence, deaths and political crap that the media constantly feed us. In a breezy midtempo, Gregory creates an uncanny tension while toying with ethereal strings that place you in an unexpected space between doom and calm. Enjoy below:

By no means choose to stay ignorant with what’s going on in the world, BUT don’t let the news – which always sensationalizes events to exploit your ADD – kill your mood. That’s probably what Gregory wants you to do and speaking of him, he’ll be releasing his debut record And Friends on May 25th, which includes this single and his previous one “Keep Falling.”