Yoshi Flower’s “Movies” May Or May Not Be Baroque Synthpop

His rhyming game is on point

Photo: Dylan Coughran

If we were to grade Yoshi Flower’s ability to rhyme, it would be A+. This Detroit-via-LA artist doesn’t believe in limiting himself to genres, but to describe his sound in words, we’ll just use ‘baroque synthpop.’ His single “Movies” has the moody and classic air of baroque pop that is also washed with modern synthpop and trimmed with golden rhymes. Stream below:

Josh Smith is the mastermind behind Yoshi Flower, who was part of Detroit’s duo Gosh Pith. He now lives in LA and is roommates with Elohim, whom he will be touring with in the next two months:

3/8 – Purgatory at The Masquerade (Atlanta, GA, USA)

3/9 – Exit/In (Nashville, TN, USA)

3/22 – Baltimore Soundstage (Baltimore, MD, USA)

3/23 – Coda (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

3/24 – Rough Trade (New York City, NY, USA)

3/28 – Petit Campus (Montreal, QC, Canada)

3/29 – Velvet Underground (Toronto, ON, Canada)

3/30 – Intersection (Grand Rapids, MI, USA)

4/4 – The Crocodile (Seattle, WA, USA)

4/7 – Slim’s (San Francisco, CA, USA)