Frankiie Explores The Mysteries Of Life, Death, & Self In “Glory Me”

“Is our experience of death a true reflection of how we lived?”

Photo: Lauren D Zbarsky

Vancouver dream rock quartet, Frankie, returns with a contemplative new song “Glory Me” where they shuffle through the haunting mysteries of death and beauty of life. The fizzling synths and vocals wrapped in echoes induce a hazy meditative space that feels timeless. Past memories commingle with future visions while life and death evoke the bittersweet loneliness we often indulge when withdrawing from the chaotic pace of life. This is the song you would play during those solitary hours:

Formed in December 2013, Frankie took a hiatus after releasing an EP an touring for three years. Each member took this time to explore individual interests, but eventually came back together and spet the past ear working on their debut LP alongside Jason Corbett (ACTORS). “Glory Me” is the first glimpse of what the quartet has in store for us.