Lucas & The Woods Takes Us Into A Feverish Dream In “No Queda Nada”

There’s nothing left.

Photo: Lucas & The Woods – No Queda Nada (Lyric Video) YouTube

Argentinian R&B/pop group Lucas & The Woods does an A+ job when it comes to lacerating the starry-eyed notion of love – instead they tap into the vulnerable and unpolished side of it with their work. Their latest lyric video “No Queda Nada” (“There’s Nothing Left”) depicts vocalist Lucas who looks like he’s suffering from a feverish dream. It is a gut-wrenching breakup song where you’re placed into the shoes of someone whose self-saboteur tendencies has broken the relationship into shards:

“No Queda Nada” is from Lucas & The Woods’ upcoming EP Pensacola Radio Nights, which will be out on May 18.