Meet The Crafters Of Lush Nu-Disco/R&B: Rush Week

Modern nu-disco with 70s/80s substance

Photo: Nichole Fusca

Philadelphia-based duo Rush Week captures the hair-raising inexplicable euphoria of emotions in their new lush nu-disco/R&B single “Feelings.” The video depicts love and happiness in many different levels. Directed by Juanma Carillo, it is a Gust Van Sant-inspired video where we see the vigor and thrills of adolescence:

“We were trying to capture an intangible feeling in a powerful way,” shared producer James Thomas of Rush Week. “We wanted to song to have a current drum beat but with an early 90’s R&B chord progression underneath it that sounds familiar but still new and exciting.”

Comprised of James and vocalist Rachel K. Haines, Rush Week is gearing towards releasing their debut album Feels on April 6th via Elefant Records.