Seawaves’ “Her” Is An Unstoppable Force Of Synthpop

“Can’t stop, can’t stop her now”

Photo: Courtesy of Mora May Agency

If you need a motivational kick, then Seawaves’ “Her” provides that ethereal synthpop with grand-sized ambience and transcending rhythm you need to become an unstoppable force. Built on glimmering synths fueled with dreamy atmospherics, “Her” creates expansive space out of noise where the listener can unleash his/her imagination:

Comprised of vocalist Si Van Brussel and co-writer Daniel Benjamin, Seawave formed back in Manchester and broke into the scene with their debut LP The Moton Picture. Their works have garnered millions of plays across Spotify and have been featured in national commercials, films, and TV. “Her” is from their upcoming album The Sountrack, which will be out this spring.