Thayler Rhys’ “10k Post Up” Will Help You Smoothly Weed Out Your Ex

“Things I’ve seen from my ex were scary”

Photo: Courtesy of Autueur Research

Weeding out your ex is an art form itself – some use the muted ghosting approach while others use a melodic one. Toronto R&B artist Thayler Rhys helps us to gracefully shed any crazy exes and embrace change with his new single “10k Post Up.” The intricate arrangements of piano drops and swelling ambience radiate the exuberantly relieving feeling we get from breaking away from the old and starting a new chapter:

“You know when you’re going through a breakup and you go out with your friends to try and be a new person? On the surface, ‘10K POST UP’ is a carefree story of shedding past exes. Look deeper, and you’ll see it’s core captures the inevitability of change while exploring how empowering it is to develop an honest identity at a new stage of your life.” Shared Thayler.

The track is the collaborative byproduct of Thayler and his producer friend Quin Kiu, who started songsculpting together in the summer of 2016 while Thayler was living in a rat-infested apartment. Thaylor is a nomad at heart – he has constantly hopped from one city to another and went from studying in jazz school to neuroscience. Thayler will be unveiling more of his work in the upcoming months.