Overjoyed Juggles Between Staying Young & Aging In “Taxi Driver”

When your night starts out young and ends old.

Photo: Courtesy of Blinding Recordings

Swedish trio Overjoyed captures the thrills and melancholy of a night-out with a pinch of nostalgia in their new single “Taxi Driver.” The track is a bouncy synthpop that has tints of moodiness where we are taken into a reflection of our own youth and age. Lyrically, “Taxi Driver” captures our youthful desire to make most of the night but at the same time the realization that you may be too old for it. Stream below:

Originally from Gothenburg, Overjoyed are Tobias Ringsten (guitar/vocals), Hampus Högdahl (guitar) and Einar Thörn (drums). The track is from their upcoming EP, which also includes their previous single “Lights” that has been streamed more than 128k on Spotify.