Stine Bramsen’s “You’re Not Giving Up” Is The Anti-Love Song For Toxic Relationships

Your pre-breakup pop banger.

Photo: Ditte Capion

Danish artist Stine Bramsen wears her heart on her sleeve while keeping her feet on the dancefloor with her new single “You’re Not Giving Up.” It’s a pre-breakup song about a toxic relationship where one side is not ready to let go. The emotional weight of the song comes from Stine’s skyscraping singing more than the balladry. The cringe-worthy lines (“Nobody cuts me like you do”) and sticky choruses (“You’re not giving up on me”) capture the emotional tug-of-war lovers engage before meeting their end. Despite the tints of melancholia, “You’re Not Giving Up” evokes the flight-mode response rush with its snappy thumps and airy synths. Stream below:

“‘You’re Not Giving Up’ is a song about the psychological burden of trying to break free from a destructive relation. Whether you’re in a dysfunctional relationship or caught in an uneven friendship that is only bringing you down – getting out can be a long and emotional process when they’re just not giving up in you. Some people just keep luring you in… if you know that feeling this song could creep under your skin.” shared Stine.

The track is the follow up of Stine’s previous single “L.A.C.K.” which was released back in October of last year. Stine has recently wrapped up her sold-out tour in Denmark. You can find her on Facebook & Instagram.