Sway Clarke Takes Us Between Addiction & Love In “Drugs”

“I love drugs / But I love you more than me”

Photo: Sway Clarke Facebook

Has your significant other given you an ultimatum between your latest addiction and relationship? If yes, then Sway Clarke’s “Drugs” is just for you. And if no, then it’s still a playful R&B banger that you can have a good laugh about and groove with it. “Drugs” is the latest confessional track from Toronto-via-Berlin artist who captures the struggle of juggling lust and love. Whether your lust has been drugs, video games, social media, or whatever self-saboteur obsession you may have, “Drugs” gets you:

“She asked me to give up drugs for exactly one year and failed. Fucking hard too! So I wrote this song in LA at the Standard Hotel to try and keep her from leaving me.” shared Sway Clarke.

Sway Clarke recently left a major record label to exercise more creative flexibility. He’ll be dropping new singles in the upcoming months, so enjoy “Drugs” or chill in the “Friend Zone.”


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