benny mayne’s “basic bitch” Is For Everyone Who Has Dated The Mainstream Species Of Today’s Society

We all make mistakes

Photo: benny mayne Facebook

If you happen to have dated:

a) A cap-wearing bro with white sneakers who won’t stop yapping about football

b) A yoga pants-wearing gal who made you Instagram her posing with a $5 cold brew

then benny mayne’s “basic bitch” is the ultimate R&B breakup song you’ve been waiting for to get over the painful fact that you once mated with such species. You may have considered thrifting your outfits, replacing your car with fixie bikes, and going vegan to shed all the ‘basic’ energy from your ex, but honestly you don’t need to go that far. You just need to let benny burn all the memories:

“basic bitch” is benny’s third single and the follow up of his viral release “bounce,” which amassed 400k streams and has been chart-topping in the R&B categories in Canada, Netherlands (#1), Australia, France, USA (#2), Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, UK (#3)…basically (no pun intended) benny is taking over the world.