THANKS Chats About New Album & How To Experience Mind Expansion

‘Mind Expansion’ is a melodic nootropic

Photo: Courtesy of Copenhagen Records

THANKS are Danish duo Anders B and Anders SG, who are the former members of chart-topping group Alphabeat. After releasing hits such as “10,000 Nights” and “Boyfriend,” the two Anders decided to embark on a more electronic/club-friendly direction with their new collaborative project THANKS. Their sound is a gamut of house, disco, pop, and electropical with a sunny disposition. But what makes THANKS distinguishable from other producers is their ability to make delicate tweaks to revitalize some of the most overused hooks in the electronic world. There’s a nerdy spark to their sound – these two know how to trim mainstream electronic music by introducing new grooves, but at the same time keep a level of rhythmic familiarity that guarantees party in your ears:

THANKS’ new album Mind Expansion will come out this Friday, March 16th. We had the chance to chat with the duo ahead of their record release where they shared some behind-the-scenes details and gave us the cliff notes on how to achieve ‘mind expansion’:

Why did you guys decide on the moniker THANKS?

Making music is about being open and ready. It’s about receiving something and also try to give something, so THANKS seemed like a good fit.

Before starting THANKS, you both were part of the band Alphabeat. Was this collaborative project something you both had in mind while being in Alphabeat or how did it come about?

THANKS has so far been a very collaborative thing, with a looser structure than when you’re in a band. A lot of different people come and work with us, we try to generate some good energy together, and then everybody moves on to do other things, that was something we’ve wanted to do for a while.

Why did you decide on the name Mind Expansion for your debut record? What does ‘mind expansion’ mean to you? Is it a form of meditative state or how would you describe it?

It means trying to expand the scope of where you can go, and what you can do as a person and a group. Looking at the world, and your possibilities in it, in a way so it’s opening up into the future. Making more, rather than less, things possible and going new places.

What was the most challenging track to finish and why?

The song ‘Good Thing’. We wrote the chorus and made a quick demo which we were super hyped about. We then started working on verses with some songwriters and tried out different singers for the chorus but nothing felt right. We went back to work on the first demo version again and realized that it actually worked as it was. With a few additions here and there, it fell into place quite quickly.

A song is like homemade sweater from your grandma, maybe it’s yellow and you wish it was green, maybe it’s chunky wool and you wish it was cashmere, but what you get is what you get!

We have 10% of battery left in our iPhone (because we’ve been updating it) and can only play three tracks from Mind Expansion. What songs would you recommend us playing?

‘Dizzy’, ‘Mind Expansion’ & ‘Boney’s Theme’!

The world ends tomorrow and you guys decide to throw a THANKS’ Apocalyptic Party. Who’s gonna DJ (after you guys, of course), play the show, and sing the closing song before everyone dies in flames?

Cassius, Beach Boys, Boy George

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