Death By Unga Bunga Become Video Game Heroes In Their New Video “Soldier”

I mean, who doesn’t want to become a video game?

Photo: Courtesy of Prescription PR

You can now vicariously realize your childhood dream of becoming a 90s video game via Death By Unga Bunga’s new video “Soldier.” Fighting each other and pulling some physical ed moves, the quintet takes advantage of this glorious opportunity to fulfill their childhood dreams. And yes, there are penis interludes:

“Soldier” is from Death By Unga Bunga’s upcoming album, So Far So Good So Cool, which will be out on April 6th. While these dudes look like they still have the Peter Pan Syndrome and get ID-ed in bars, they’ve been around for a while. This year will mark their 10th anniversary as a band and their new record sums up their attitude towards the last decade. So far the quintet has become an international act – just last year they toured all of Norway and went on a headliner tour across the US. As of now, they’ve revealed some show dates:

4/28 – Vulkan Arena (Oslo, Norway)

6/9 – Kulturtorget Mysen (Mysen, Norway)