Get Your Sad Boy Disco On With Elleh’s “Everything You Ever Needed”

Disco for sad nights.

Photo: Courtesy of Rare Cut Records

Tokyo-based duo Elleh has unveiled the animated video for their latest single “Everything You Ever Needed” – a party starter that also conveys a groovy air of melancholia that is perfect for all of us who want to forget our problems on the dancefloor. The swelling synth pulse and raining beats make “Everything You Ever Needed” an electrifying dive into nocturnal dance music. Stream below:

Comprised of Satoru Teshima and Bob Willey, Elleh formed back in 2016 and has been making waves across international press for their self-termed Sad Boy Disco sound. The duo explained that such sound captures the feeling you get around 4am when “You’d be tired, a little drunk and prone to reflecting on the mistakes and failed relationships of recent times. But despite all this, you still want to dance.”