Max Styler & TWERL’s “Wasted Time” Will Give You Festival Fever

Dark and theatrical

Photo: Joey Vitalari

Max Styler and TWERL give us festival fever with their new slow-burning electronic collab “Wasted Time,” featuring the smoky vocals of Evan Giia. The track starts out by suspending you into intensity as the booming beats gradually build before striking you. It’s like riding a rollercoaster – despite the calmness of the beginning, you can’t shake off the haunting exhilaration you’re about to experience. Stream below:

“Wasted Time” is the follow up of Max Styler’s latest single “All Your Love” and TWERL’s critically acclaimed EP Stay. Known for his chart-topping single “Roller Coaster,” Max was signed to Dim Mak at the age of 18, which made him one of the youngest producers on the label at the time. Expect to hear more from Max this upcoming festival season.