Alleviate Your Analysis Paralysis With Towers And Trees’ “Head Down Heart Up”

The hakuna matata anthem for overthinkers

Photo: Courtesy of Auteur Research

If you are the type of person that lets your head run the show, then Towers and Trees’ latest single “Head Down Heart Up” is an indie rock reminder to cool off your brain from overthinking. Stop deep-frying your neurons and let “Head Down Heart Up” become your new ‘hakuna matata’:

In regards to the song, the quartet explained that it “is an anthem for the overthinkers of the world; a reminder and challenge to turn the volume knob in your head down, and let your heart take the wheel every once in a while because it almost always knows where to go. There’s so much noise these days, and so much information coming from every direction, that I think a lot of people identify with this anxiety and ‘analysis paralysis’ from our minds working overtime to try and take everything in and make sense of it all.”

The track is the latest single, but also the mantra that the quartet adopted while recording new songs. After an indefinite hiatus filled with babies, moves, and career changes, Towers and Trees finally came back together to songsculpt without overthinking…most of the time. They will start touring soon, so don’t overthink and just go see them live:

3/24 – House Show (Kamploops, BC, Canada)***SOLD OUT

3/27 – Red Bricks Arts Centre (Edson, AB, Canada)

3/28 – Mercury Room (Edmonton, AB, Canada)

3/29 – Bo’s Bar & Grill (Red Deer, AB, Canada)

3/30 – Nite Owl (Calgary, AB, Canada)

3/31 – Serenity Performance Arts Centre (Clearwater, BC, Canada)

4/13 – The Queen’s (Nanaimo, BC, Canada)

4/14 – The Waverly Hotel (Cumberland, BC, Canada)

4/20 – The Fox Cabaret (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

4/28 – Royal Canadian Legion (Tofino, BC, Canada)