For All Of Your Awkward We-Have-To-Talk Convos, Here’s Kevin George’s “Over”

Dedicated to talkers, not ghosters.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR. #FTFO

Forget what we said about starting the we-have-to-talk convo with this song. It’s a bad idea, BUT you could use Kevin George’s “Over” to warm up and muster the courage to have that convo with your soon-to-be ex. You can even use it to reflect the aftermath of the breakup, which will leave the other party emotionally devastated. But at least you have Kevin’s slithery vocals and stress-numbing tune to dissipate the guilt…temporarily:

“It’s a conversation. It’s my version of the ‘we have to talk’ conversation in song form. It’s the thoughts I feel almost every man or woman thinks when they just want out in a relationship” explained Kevin.

“Over” is the follow up of Kevin’s latest single “My Crew” and also a taste of his upcoming project LOVELAND, which he hasn’t shared any release dates yet.