Alphacub’s “James Dean” Is For The Rebels Without A Cause Out There

Synthpop for the lonely mavericks

Photo: Courtesy of Auteur Research

Canadian artist Alphacub brings the cinematic energy of the 50s with his new single “James Dean” – a breathy and theatrical song that is filled with the enigmatic melancholia we can’t escape from rejections. “James Dean” is a chest-swelling piece that takes you to the dark corners of loneliness, but also gives you the lifting comfort of standing on your own. Stream below:

“One night, this old theatre back where I’m from was showing Rebel Without a Cause. I asked four girls to go see it with me, but not one of them was down. Coupled with this feeling of rejection, I wrote ‘James Dean’ alone like some lonely rebel. It chronicles that whole experience in blunt honesty.” shared Alphacub.

“James Dean” is from Alphacub’s debut LP Night Heart, which will be out soon.