Mitch Rivers’ “Easy Way Out” Is The Perfect Replacement For All Your Motivational Quotes

Folk rock for hustling, grinding, and owning up.

Photo: Courtesy of V2 Records

If you’ve been struggling to remember all the motivational quotes on Instagram with sunset or some other Shutterstock image, then Mitch Rivers’ “Easy Way Out” is the perfect substitute for them. He doesn’t preach (thank the lord), but rather reminds you to grow some balls to own up to everything you do and keep hustling. “Easy Way Out” has a breezy kick to it where the rippling strings and stomping rhythm orchestrate both the boldness and freedom that comes with having faith in yourself – even in chaos. Even if Americana or folk is not up in your alley, Mitch Rivers applies harmonic elements of indie rock that make “Easy Way Out” an effortlessly catchy tune:

Based in Netherlands, Mitch Rivers can be described as a hermit who loves urban mayhem. Sometimes he seeks peaceful pastures, while other times he craves for the busyness of city life. You can sort of tell this from the video – despite being in a city, he takes us to the most isolated corners. “Easy Way Out” is from Rivers’ upcoming debut album, which will be out this fall. So expect to hear more from him in the upcoming months.