New Feelings Channel Their 80s Pop Spirits In “Real Love”

Classic novelty

Photo: Marcus Wilén

Swedish quartet New Feelings brings back 80s pop vibe but splashes it with their own rhythmic dance that produces a sound that exudes a classic novelty. Their new video “Real Love,” direted by Marcus Wilén, features the four of them channeling their stage groove in a basketball court. The more you listen, the more “Real Love” feels like an anachronistic track – it sounds like a contemporary pop that doesn’t quite belong in the present, but not fully in the past either. Nostalgic and emotional, “Real Love” scratches your reward center:

Following their debut at Midsummer Festival in 2016, New Feelings have quickly become one of the fastest rising acts in the Stockholm indie scene. “Real Love” is from their debut EP Introducing, which will be out on April 13th via Rama Lama Records.