7Chariot Reveals The Struggles Of Surviving Your Own Danger Zone In “Danger In Me”

“Dig deeper and you’ll see I got a danger in me”

Photo: Courtesy of Propeller Communications

Being in the comfort zone does not necessarily mean being your authentic self, but keeping up the masquerade that makes you fit in the norm. Now, being your true self and showing some vulnerability is what being in the danger zone means – oddly enough, being your full self is very uncomfortable and risky. 7Chariot sums up that burning ambivalence with her new single “Danger In Me” where she taps into our inner psyche of feeling fearful and happy to show our true face. Trimmed with edgy percussions and 7Chariot’s deep, cinematic voice, “Danger In Me” feels like a melodic knife that cuts through the most intimate layers of our psyche. Stream below:

“It’s about feeling vulnerable yet brazen and closed off; it’s about being a bit of a contradiction. It’s incredibly personal, and in many ways I believe I wrote it as a means of self-validation for the qualities I find most challenging in my own experience.” shared 7Chariot.

The track is the follow up of her critically acclaimed debut, “Ricochet.” Based in Nashville, 7Chariot is the solo project of 20-year-old Claire Wilkinson who chose her moniker after the tarot card that her grandmother gave during a reading. With a plethora of songs on the way, 7Chariot will be dropping more songs in the upcoming months.