Fuel Your Nocturnal Nostalgia With The Ramona Flowers’ “Dramatist”

“Life was always a stage / But who was playing who”

Photo: Courtsy of LaFamos

Whether you need a track to party or meditate, The Ramona Flowers’ “Dramatist” is the explosive synthpop that captures the expansive yet intimate vibe of nightlife. The lyric video for the song shows kaleidoscopic clips of city and nature that captures the different types of energy one encounters during the late hours. “Dramatist” is a nostalgic piece where the chest-swelling ambience and echoes evoke the gloomy bliss we often wrestle at night. Watch below:

“Dramatist” is from the quintet’s upcoming album Strangers, which will be out on May 18th. The UK indietronic band spent most of 2017 touring across Europe, Asia, and USA including Fuji Rocks Festival and Glastonbury. They have some show dates coming up:

3/28 – Sebright Arms (London, UK)

3/31 – Broadcast (Glasgow, UK)