HANA2K’s “Pretty Enough” Is Your New Diss Anthem For Unsolicited Opinions

A polite pop way to say shut up.

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

UK rising poptress HANA2K addresses our contemporary toxic habit of criticizing other people’s appearance in her new single “Pretty Enough.” Granted, we all love to have our egos scratched with Instagram comments that praise our OOTD, but sometimes people offer unsolicited opinions that roast you. With a you-do-you attitude, HANA2K addresses this tendency with catchy beats and bosslike choruses that reminds you of your own self-worth. You don’t need the validation of trolls to look fabulous:

“This song’s about not needing gratification from others as to whether you’re pretty enough for that” explained HANA2K, “I want people to feel empowered by their own self-worth, not from the praise of others. I can relate, as I kept getting people tell me their opinion about certain things about me, such as; ‘you looked prettier without a fringe’ or ‘I think you have too many piercings.’ Although the comments were not getting me down, they just confused me, because I didn’t remember asking them for their opinion, but the comments just kept on coming, almost relentless sometimes, especially when you put pics up on Insta, it sort of makes people think that it’s a plea for feedback!”

Originally from Penarth, the 18-year-old has already released two songs “Too Close” and “Jealousy,” which made waves across international blogsphere. If you happen to be in Cardiff, make sure to go see her live:

4/4 – Cardiff Speaker Hire (Cardiff, UK)